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Summary of meeting on Nov. 8

Here's the gist of our meeting from Nov. 8, regarding architecture:
  • The application is a typical CRUD application, replacing a system of unstructured Excel lists and offline storage both on paper and in the heads of the people involved.
  • The application should be implemented as a Windows Forms application. (Rationale: We prefer a rich client both for speed of development and for the user experience. We choose WinForms rather than WPF because of Martin's better experience with WPF - he's going to maintain the application and add features to it - and because we believe that WinForms is a good way to push out many features on Nov. 26, 2011. Lightswitch is rejected based on Martin's reluctance to use it and because we don't really know - although we suspect it - if it would be suitable for everything we know.)
  • We'll probably use the Telerik Grid control if it is available for free.
  • We probably want to use some sort of SQL Server, either SQL Express or SQL mobile.
  • We have about 4-5 users on laptops and at least one user via remote connection. Martin is suggesting to use some sort of remote desktop (?) for this.
  • We prefer a simple architecture that allows us to get CRUD features implemented fast. (Most of us don't have much experience with CQRS and similar architectures, so getting into it and setting it up on Nov. 26 would probably take away too much time from feature productivity.)
  • The focus is on trying to implement as many features as possible rather than on learning new things or clean coding.
  • TDD is out of scope.

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