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To have TortoiseHg save your password, activate the "Keyring" extension:
  • Open the file %USERPROFILE%\mercurial.ini and add the following configuration text (if you already have an extensions section, only add the second line to it):
  • Open the repository settings (Explorer/Right click on the repository folder/Visual Hg/Repository Settings) and click "Edit File". Add the following configuration text, replacing "<Username>" with your CodePlex user name (assuming your paths section has Codeplex as the "default =" path):
default.schemes = https
default.prefix =
default.username = <Username>

(Maybe a future version of TortoiseHg will ger a UI for this...)

Then, the next push should only ask you for your password, not for the user name. The password is encrypted and stored in the Windows credentials subsystem. The second next push should not ask again.


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